Welcome to Studio Sam. I hope you'll enjoy the stuff shown here. I still have some works in progress so stay tuned.   

         There's a "Photos" section too. It's a place I show the photographies I take. Most of them are about toys but some are about Japan too.

You are the visitors. Thanks a lot for coming.              




"Shin Mazinger's base"

Bandai France, 2011.





"Pit Stop"

Japan Expo, 2011.






Japan Expo, 2010.





Armored Core, 2010.




"À l'abordage!!"

One Piece, Bandai France, 2011.




"Love is wickness!"

Hokuto no Ken, 2010.





Spawn, 2009.





Gundam 00, 2011.




"The council"

Saint Seiya, 2010.





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